Beef Roast Indian Recipe


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  1. This is Beef Sukka. Beef Roast is totally different. For Beef Roast you use a big chunk of beef and not beef cubes. Beef cubes are for curry, stew, sukka etc but not for roast. May be you are translating from your local language into English which comes up as roast, but this is not what one would generally expect of a beef roast. 

  2. What bullshit.. First of all there is no Garam Masala in the ingredients. Second, you ground all the spices but haven't shown where to add it. You've insulted the dish.. Seriously

  3. Dude Runeman,India is a vast n diverse nation.Just search in Google for Kerala beef curry or Kerala Christians ,then you will get to know who eats beef in India. Beef is statewide delicacy of people living in the south Indian state Kerala.There are lots of christians in Kerala with anglicized names(Hell, even I'm having one!).So, please do your research before forming an opinion on anyone.

  4. Look..i don't know anything about you. And I really have no interest in an argument. I wasn't trying to "act all smart" on you. Just pointing out a common misconception. And as far as knowing anything about indian food, you're kind of right and kind of wrong about me. I am no expert. I can't even cook. But as an indian girl who was born and raised in India, I think I've seen my fair share of indian cuisine. And beef definitely is part of it.

  5. First of all, mate, your name does not suggest to me that you know anything whatsoever about indian cuisine, so before you act all smart on me, dont go trying to act as if you know the slightest about indian food, as you do not.

  6. Depends on what you consider "real" indian recipes. You won't find it in "indian" restaurants because its almost always based on north indian cuisine. But beef is a very important and common food in other parts of india like the south. Especially in Kerala with so many varieties of beef preparations. Its very inaccurate to say that beef is not typically a part of indian cuisine. Indian cuisine should be a whole and not focused on just certain regions.

  7. Anyone try this? it looks interesting- I think I'll cook this tonight with a potato curry, rice and salad 🙂 Thank you for the recipe- it gave me a different view on how to cook beef 😀

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