Beef Rib Roast by the BBQ Pit Boys


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  1. I usually cut three steaks after salt age for a six weeks. Direct flame four min on each side than indirect heat for twenty-five min for a perfect medium.

  2. Looks perfectly good to me. My stomach was growling when it was pulled off the grill. I'm going to get braver this year and try cooking some of the recipes you have shared on here this year. I have been trying to teach my other half about the idea of how to make a fire that isn't a "bonfire" in the grill…the struggle is real! (I have showed him a few of your videos and it maybe finally sinking in a little more so.)

  3. I did this yesterday and it came out wonderful! I need a new grill, my Weber Knowoff doesn't get hot enough anymore with all the rust wholes, so the top was a little soggy. Awesome Recipe! Tasted Guuuuuud!

  4. these guys always cook their meat for hours… I bet it taste great but I don't always have 3 hours to grill… Like if we are at the lake or a football party.. Do you guys have any videos for like 30 minute grilling?

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