Beef Rendang – Spicy “Dry” Curry Beef – Food Wishes


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  1. Hi! Indonesian people here! Here's one of my favourite dish when my mom cook! But, my mom like to add lemongrass in the beginning. so.. here's the steps roughly..
    1. Put the blended spice first and cook for 10-15 minutes to make sure all the spices is cook (otherwise you will taste the raw ingredients like garlic or chili, and yes we put a lot of chili :p )
    2. And you put lemongrass, lime grass, bay leaf (this is make the dish more fragrant) :))
    3. Then you put the beef, and you have to cook it for 10minutes
    4. Then you put ALL coconut milk (no water), we have 2 coconut milk, the watery one and the thick one. We put the watery first.
    5. We cook it for 4-5hours uncovered and stir once a while and when you see it's reduce enough you can put the thick coconut (depends on how you want it to be taste).
    Hopefully can help you guys. Thank you for sharing this recipe Chef John!!! It's my favourite as well <3 Well DONE!

  2. it is visualy impressive as h#ll. Im dutch and we have a large indonesian cooking culture here in holland. so i know my rendang. I never thought a yankee could pull it off the way you did. stunning elegance!

  3. I love curry and this recipe is the most delicious one I have ever eaten. I couldn't believe it came out of my kitchen. Not that I'm a bad cook but this dish tasted as if it were prepared at the best restaurant in town. It's a keeper and a definite crowd pleaser. Absolutely delicious!!!

  4. I had this at Half Moon Hotel Montego Bay Jamaica 1967 (remember the Ed Allen Show?) but never knew what it was. I figured it was lamb but I was clearly wrong. Hey! I was 8!
    I've been looking for it forever! I can't wait to taste again. Thanks. I'm truly happy about this.

  5. oh Chef John, that does not look boring at all! Whether it's SE Asian, Indian, or Mexican,… or American BBQ… anytime I see a protein with that awesome mahogany color imparted by chilies (not to mention the smell) I know there's a lot more going on under the surface and my mouth starts watering! Thank you for sharing this! Your fan, and fellow pepper-head, from Texas, Aaron. (PS: Your Jambalaya recipe was off the chain!)

  6. The rendangs I'm used to are the Malaysian variation. We have dry rendangs usually with chicken it's called rendang ayam daun puding (chicken rendang with puding leaves). That is native to Negeri Sembilan, a state in Malaysia. Other common rendangs are rendang tok, chicken liver rendang with long beans.

  7. When i was in college, there was a little Indonesian restaurant right next to campus and I ate this dish all the damn time.
    Funnily (sadly, actually ) enough— I’ve never run across another Indonesian restaurant since then.

  8. Bravo Chef John! I am happy to see our Indonesian specialty dish in your video. Add candle nuts in your spice mixture and crushed kaffir lime leaves and bay leaves when you add the lemon grass to take the flavor up a notch. You're right, rendang taste better if eaten the next day.

  9. You're such a —— "funny guy"….LOL. I enjoy your videos. Man, you sure have changed from the first video you put out (for the better btw)! What ever made you want to do this? I mean, all the time it took, all the effort…..? What was it, I wonder…..

  10. That's right!!! Chef John nailed this southeast Asian dish well and its verified by a Bruneian as well!!! That's how you cook Beef Rendang (pronounce: Ren-Dung). For us, we probably doubled up that those spices and ingredients! Keep up the great Work Chef John!!

  11. I'm Malaysian and i love rendang but Indonesians make it better. It takes so much time so Malaysians only do it at festivities, while you can get it in Indonesia every day of the week. I think you need shredded coconut in the and double the cooking time to 8 hours to get a really good rendang. For a quick fix very good rendang, nasi padang sederhana is the way to go! What you've made is actually very much like a Indian varuval – dry curry, cos no shredded coconut.

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