Beef Recipes – How to Make The Best Hamburger Ever


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  1. There is never such a thing as "too much" or "too many" ingredients when seasoning something like a hamburger. That's why burger king and a few other restaurants taste so dam bland. Salt and a little pepper just won't cut it!

  2. Lean ground beef!!!! You need at least 80/20 chuck to make a good burger! This is a meatloaf recipe!!!! A hamburger you wanna taste the meat, not the seasonings!!!!! OMG! Thumbs down…..

  3. Amazing recipe.  Thank you for sharing this.  It is not a conventional or typical hamburger recipe, but who cares.   This is just one example of thinking out of the box, being creative and trying something new.  Nothing wrong with that.  Too each their own.  It actually turned out pretty good.  Thanks for sharing. 

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