Beef Recipes – How to Make Beef Pot Pie


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  1. Why not poor the beef in with the veg and add cornstarch and cook it all all together rather than take out veg make a gravy separate and then poor it over? Very silly! And where is the seasoning? Where is the garlic and onions? That must taste so darn boring

  2. I definitely would have deglazed the pan the beef was cooked in with the beef broth.. That would have added much more flavor.  I would have left the beef chunky and added onions in with the other veggies. Also would have left the extra pie dough on.  Other than that great recipe.

  3. This recipe was pretty good for my first time making a pot pie, Will change it next time by adding a bit of garlic and onion and cut down on the potato and beef by a third. Also will put the mixture in ramekins because it fell apart trying to get it to the plate this way everyone has their own.

  4. I can't believe there is no garlic and onions in the recipe I use pot pie recipes a lot especially after Thanksgiving and I always have onions and garlic in it first recipe I have seen without

  5. I was wondering, is there a particular reason why the original beef pan wasn't used to make the gravy?  All those wonderful beef flavours from the bottom of the pan would have given the gravy an even more incredible beef flavour.  But maybe there was a reason for using a different pan for the gravy, I'm just wondering what is was?  Also, I'd recommend using a much cheaper cut of beef for this as it is slow cooked, a cheaper cut of meat would be just as good but much more affordable.  The thought of putting a beautiful bit of sirloin in a pie nearly made me cry, teehee.  Good old cheap cuts like brisket is perfect for these type of recipes as the meat is slow cooked and tender.  This pie looks incredibly delicious.  My Hubby would love it. Thanks for sharing.  Lee xx

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