Beef Recipe


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  1. Hi Rebecca ! I'm making this tonight, thanks for the great video. Do you have a recipe for your hair color ? It's very pretty & I'm due. Hope you don't mind my asking.

    Anna n Florida

  2. I remember I did this recipe but with a thinner Chuck steak not to think and it still came out delicious. I forgot the recipe because its been a while since I did this recipe, so I came back to check it out again. I have to say I like the way you do videos, you don't sound boring and not to slow to get to the point on what to add. Your videos are fantastic!

  3. I was at the mall just now (against my will) and yes – there were some pretty 20-somethings walking around.

    And Ms Brand is so much more beautiful. poised, charismatic than ANY of those girls.  This woman doesn't even need to try. Her natural presence, her eyes, her gestures, her voice – – just an absolutely divine chemistry about her that oozes sensuality – a trait that barely exists today. 

    Honestly, she should be in a museum under the "woman" exhibit. Just let people walk by her and look and nobody gets to do anything more. She's that statuesque and amazing. 

    Yep – this had nothing to do with chuck steak.

  4. dont worry. When you are older, and you look around at everyone else and realize you look like you have aids compared to them… Then you will start to realize that humans are omnivores not herbivores. Vegetarians just look gross. You look sickly in the face and everything. That is your bodies way of telling you to go fvck yourself, eat meat.

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