Beef Recipe/ Garu Vuna in Bangla for Bangladeshi


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  1. You can send me at my YouTube email. Please do to the about next to videos on the channel page and please send message. Thank you. I am really curious.

  2. Sure. Please email me the recipe at my YouTube account. I think you know but since they changed it recently, you need to go to about link and you will see send message.
    I am waiting for your recipe.
    Thank you

  3. Assalamalaikum I am so sorry to reply you late. It is because I do not cook dry fish. The smell of this shidol is too strong. My relative likes it. Hope next time I will be able to help you. Always welcome to my videos.

  4. bhaiya, can you please show a recipe with Shidol/Hidol shutki. I bought some but when I soak those in water the scales are still on them. do I have to clean each of them?
    many thanks. (this is the only Bangladeshi recipe channel on youtube i have found so far. you're doing a great job. many thanks.)

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