Beef Pot Roast recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


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  1. That's interesting, you are naturally right handed, yet you shoot left handed. So do I. Not many people do this. I do because being right handed, my right arm is stronger than my left one and thus supports the rifle better, also my left eye is better than the right one. What's your excuse?

  2. i aint food police, but i'm gonna unsubscribe you guys for wasting food, you guys could've shot some empty cans with water inside or even soda cans, but no! you guys just really need to waste food! plus you guys have no cooking skills… i seriously doubt the taste of unskillful cooking….

  3. One thing is to be cooking the way you want to, another is to see you blowing up good canned goods that could be donated to people who need it. Let's see u do that! Don't waste food showing off.

  4. Also, who has never had a pot roast before? I though pot roast was standard leave it to beaver kind of stuff every mom ever has made at some point in their lives for their kids lol…

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