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  1. I made this dish but I let it a bit thinner, so it becomes more saucy, otherwise it would be to thick for the noodles, and garnish with spring onions, otherwise it has great sichuan flavours.

  2. Thanks for the receipe. Its authentic and tasty! Now I can make better beef noodle than most restaruants! I add some chopped onions and cilantros too. Too bad fresh noodle shops dont exist in usa, gotta use dry noodles or wet fridged yellow noodles…. Or make your own noodles! My grandpa used to make fresh noodles for every meal now thanks to technology which suppose to make lifes better we are loaded with fake noodles, processed preped beef noodle flavor mix, and regression of taste buds.

  3. This "plainbeauty" person is a Vietnamese racist female dog. She goes around youtube making racist cooments on many videoes. She always racist towards Chinese Han , Cantonese , Korean and southeast Asian people. Not sure about the motivations, but I guess she got mental problem or something. LOL

  4. I have made this recipe twice now. I didn't measure anything, just went for it. The first time I got really fresh beef, so I skipped the first step of simmering it. I think I used more soy, wine, garlic and ginger than they did, and it came out fantastic! The second time however, I realized why they simmered the beef first; It came out stank! The flavors are delicate and any off flavors in the beef just overwhelm it. Also, I used sambal for the chili paste and it worked wonderfully. Great

  5. First of all, there isn't MSG in this recipe (that was a teaspoon of sugar).

    Secondly, only SOME people have any reaction to Monosodium glutamate (which by the way can be derived from any number of natural sources one of them being seaweed).

    You'll find someone that is allergic to any food you can think of. Heck i know someone who'll go into anaphylactic shock if they consume anything that is derived from a cedar tree (gin-juniper berries, incense with cedar, bbq cooked on cedar plank etc.)

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