Beef Massaman Curry Recipe มัสมั่นเนื้อ – Hot Thai Kitchen!


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  1. Finally making this massaman curry the legit way today for my fiancé. He loves Asian food and I make a generic version of this a lot and he loves that so I hope he loves it even more the real way ☺️💝

  2. Omg I need to make this. I usually just use canned broth but now that I found this from scratch I can’t wait to make this for my husband!! He loves this dish. 😊

  3. Hi, thank you for these videos they are very clear and informative. I do have one question (really more of a general curry technique question than just for this particular curry), when you let the curry simmer, does it matter if you cover the pot with a lid or not? What do you usually do?

  4. @Pailin's Kitchen I have some beef 'osso bucco' that I wanted to stew up. Do you think it's worthwhile making massaman with it or would the marrow flavour be wasted on an already rich and spicy stew like massaman?

  5. Bless you for posting this Pailin. I ordered this dish made with sliced strip steak when I was in college. The restaurant is long gone but I've done everything to try and duplicate it to no avail. I always depended on the coconut milk to add the subtle sweetness. Now I know. Thank you… Also, is this sometime made with bamboo strips?

  6. THank you for showing me how I can enjoy some of my favorite Thai food.. less intimatiding .. enjoyed and will definitely try your way of preparing Thai food. .. much success on you sharing your knowledge.

  7. I am not a big fan of Indian food. It just does not appeal…altlhought I have tried multiple times. Every time I hear "curry"…..I hesitate. How does this compare to the traditional Indian curry flavor?

  8. I am just wondering, if it's possible to use coconut oil to fry the paste instead reducing the coconut milk? Coconut oil is pretty easy to find these days.

  9. hi pailin more power to you. i like all your videos, just like this one. cooking is learning from you. i owe you that. Masaman paste, there are ingredients unavailable in the supermarket but ill try to find to complete the recipe. Good job!!!

  10. Was the best looking curry paste I've made as well as the best texture. Ended up tangy and I'm a bit disappointed. I believe I added too much tamarind because I was short on lemon grass so I know it wasn't that. Will try again.

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