Beef in Oyster Sauce


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  1. Im half and I barely even speak it, yet I understand So if you keep saying speak in English, you most probably are dumb as fuck. If you can't understand it, go somewhere else. Simple.

  2. Looks delish… I'm making that for dinner later. and seriously people the ingredients are said in English all you have to do is watch the video to learn how its done. what are you like… 5? geez

  3. Filipino language is sometimes mixed with english language. its PANLASANG "PINOY" definitely not for those who can't understand it. Just shut your mouth and leave instead!

  4. to the people who keeps on saying he should speak in English. this channel is called "panlasangpinoy" which is basically in tagalog, so why should he speak pure english in a channel that was made for Filipinos.

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