Beef Gyudon | Easy Traditional Japanese Recipe


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  1. Omgosh……I just learned the proper name of the beef bowl 😬LoL……..I am so drooling wow Japanese food fanatic!!! Thank soo much!! My kids will love they love Japanese food as well!!

  2. This will be another staple dish. I think I'd serve it with some fresh, sweet cherry tomatoes on the side. Maybe some snow peas too. I get a kick out of Charles' comments. Keep up the great work, Chef Hiro and Charles!

  3. Am I the only one seeing a problem here? 4oz of sugar? 4oz as in 8 tablespoons, as in half a cup? First of it didn't look anywhere near 4oz in the video. Second, my dumb ass actually tried putting 4oz of sugar in 500cc of stock and I could taste nothing but sweetness in the end.

  4. made this, very good, but i dont recommend putting in so much sugar when first doing it. I did half the sugar and it was somewhat sweet. Everything else I put exactly what hiro did in the video

  5. I made this dish yesterday, and it tastes great. Thank you so much. But what kind of part of the beef is the best? Stores here have no sliced yakiniku-meat, so I went and had to buy filet instead (half a pound for approx $20 US). Which was super expensive. Can't imagine that yoshinoya serves such kind of epensive meat… belly parts?

  6. Hey I make a version of this all the time! I use cabbage as the "noodles" if you will and boil it in beef broth. Then use skirt steak for the meat portion. Sear that off for 30 seconds each side so it's still pretty raw. Then I warm up the beef in the stock. It's super good.

  7. Heres an Idea hero, we dont get to see the camera man in videos so we cant develop a bond with the gentleman hence why everyone looses their heads when he suggest something or does something normal.. Im proposing that you do also show the guy filming as without him your channel would not be the same and both him and us have a right to get to know each other as we are solid followers of this channel… just consider it.. this might be a good concept, you two chatting away like you always do while someone else just films you two …

  8. Good Afternoon! Thank you for all of the easy level videos lately. I made the 3 minute ramen for my family (of course it took me like twenty minutes, lol) and they loved it! I think I'll try this one next!

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