Beef Fillet Carpaccio Recipe | Theo Randall


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  1. He cooked the fucknhell of the beef it’s really thick it’s not rump steak you cooking then he put courgette why they change the original recipe and make a big cagata

  2. Made this for a Christmas dinner starter Only thing I did different was add capers All the family thought it was one of the best things they had ever eaten I wasn’t sure about the raw courgette but it was fantastic will use that technique again in other salad dishes I used a speed peeler for the courgette it work really well

  3. zucchini should probably be treated like a crevice where the acid of lemon slightly cooks the zucchini then served. salt do reduce water to gain fitment texture you could have done it much better. if you reply you don't want to show your secrets then don't do these videos amateur

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