Beef Bhuna – Bhuna Gorur Mangsho – Bangladeshi style


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  1. I love you cooking style, and Im one of your cooking fan, today I want to try your recipe but I have some question if you kindly reply it I would be very grateful you.
    1) instead of using beef can I cook it with other meat like goat meat or lamp meat?
    2) while telling ingredients you told half cup ( vensta, insta???? or fried onion) what is that? sorry to disturb you but some of your bengali material are totally unknown to me. One more time thank you so much for your lovely recepie

  2. Thank you Deeba from Sydney,Australia. Me & my latino girlfriend become your big fans.Today I have cooked so yumm, feel like to dance & sing Mariachi( Mexican ) song. ha ha ha . We would like to see more from you. Cheers

  3. Thank you Deeba! The final texture of the ghost reminds me of London in the sixties, where Sylheti restaurants used to cater this for bhuna lamb. I haven't seen this thing for a while by now. I've got to try your recipe. The only time consuming part is in its marination period.

  4. In most of your recipes you add fried onion, is that an onion that is already fried when you buy it or do you fry it ahead of time? I live in a very remote part of United States and finding some of the specialty ingredients is rather difficult and I would like to stick as close to the recipe as possible! 

  5. Dear Deeba …. I just made this and it is AWESOME …. I am going to share the food in BELGIUM …. Thank you for making cooking easy especially for a slef taught person like me …. Love you for that !!!! 🙂 !!! will share pics soon 🙂

  6. I am American, and I made this recipe recently for my boyfriend, who is from Bangladesh. He said that it is tied with his mother's recipe for best beef bhuna he has ever had. Thank you so much!

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