Beef Au Jus Recipe – Au Jus for Prime Rib of Beef – How to Make Au Ju Sauce


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  1. In the phrase "au jus," "au" in French is "a + le" which in English is "with the." Jus is juice. So "au jus" means "with the juice." Roast beef au jus is simply roast beef with the juice. To say you want some "au jus" is a little silly. You just want the jus, the juice. Why can't we English speakers get the gist of foreign words and stop using them pretentiously?

  2. At 500 degrees, the drippings are burnt to a crisp on the bottom, if you survive the smoke. This guy never explains the transition from resting roast to removing the pan to make sauce.
    Wrap the roast in foil while making au jus or what???

  3. Sir ,I made a 91/2 pound Prime Rib for the "Christmas Family Dinner" My brother -in -law and his lovely wife had 3 helpings each and took home a "doggy bag ". They routinely have dinner in the finest restaurants in NYC,London and Paris.This was a true "coup"

  4. I love your videos Chef John but there's a problem – I can't for the love of me, find any liquid broth of any kind here in sweden and I generally don't have the money or the time to prepare/make my own in order to do so many of your recipes, i'm limited to cubes of flavouring.

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