Beef and Guinness Stew Recipe | Marco Pierre White


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  1. Ah, the rule of cooking with alchohol: one for the recipe and the other for the cook! This dude is so awesome. His hands are lightning fast and he knows his stuff.
    Three Michelin star chef and humble (gave his stars back).
    He is much better both as a cook and as a person than that pretentious prick ramsey.

  2. This is more helpful than regular celebrity cooking show. Regular people will use stock cubes rather than preparing from scratch, Marco thought it out through and made sure it will taste really good with stock cubes and really that's exactly kind of recipe I want

  3. ok i have heard lots of argument about whether or not using stock pot is good in cooking. Personally i dont have a big problem with it. But when he mentioned that stock pot is the key…i just wanna turn off the video…really????? 

  4. I can get the same result by cooking the beef for 4h straight in high heat and add bacon to it. No guiness needed. The result is a fantastic black roasted beef with bacon, more presentable than this one.

  5. I never said its nothing to be ashamed of. However, Marco Pierre White was the most arrogant, disrespectful chef who thought his shit never stunk in the mid 80s, early 90s said his food was the best and there was no other competition who also trained Gordon Ramsay and now he's doing this kind of cooking. It just makes him look so hypocritical. That's all I am saying.

  6. making a living by helping us, family cooks (not michellin star restaurants) like me, using simple recipes is nothing to be ashamed off. Even if he uses stock cubes, which we all do.

  7. Actually this man was Gordon Ramsay's mentor and the man who basically gave birth to Chef Ramsay as we know him. Ramsay can actually be seen as his 22 year old sous chef in Marco Pierre White's show from the 80's.

  8. I bet the taste is amazing… but the presentation was a little off for his usual dishes. The bacon pieces on top of brown strew looks like a raw worm floating… maybe it's just me but that looks bad.

    Oh well. Never argue with a man with a knife.

  9. Marco is such an amazing man. He has a certain brutal tenacity to him, a very powerful inherent seriousness, yet it's all sprinkled with the spice of true sincerity….even if he is seasoning with Knorr's fucking jello'd salt licks.

  10. the package usually tells you how much each stock cube it makes of stock…on the other hand MPW would most likely tell you to make a stock with a cube and taste it. If you like it, just remember how much water you used. If not, adjust to taste. As MPW says, "there's no real recipe." Good Luck.

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