Beef and Broccoli Recipe | How To Make Beef and Broccoli | The Best Chinese Beef And Broccoli Recipe


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  1. Just discovered your channel and I LOVE it! Your voice and manner are sublime, the recipes look delicious and strike just the right balance between simple and complex. Bravo – I look forward to va va vooming up my mealtimes with your help!

  2. I made this recipe ,but altered the recipe some because I didnt have the ingredients ,and was to lazy to go the store.I used chicken instead of flank steak, and red wine ,instead of rice wine . I did not have any brown sugar,or green onions or fresh ginger. I used regular sugar, powdered ginger and omitted the green onion and everyone loved it, even my friends picky dad! My gma always said what makes a good cook is one that can improvise! My girlfriend loves to cook and she going to try your recipes. She cooks a lot of Romanian food. I love her Jota!

  3. Hey. A great video. To the point without rambling on abt nothing like so many do. I actually tried to watch a video with broccoli and the woman took 15 mins to have a history of brocolli. The actual recipe was only abt 10 mins start to finish but she took 30 mins. So thank you thank you thank you.

  4. Looks good! Thumbs up!
    But maybe you should make cooking videos when you are not in such a rush?
    Seeing as how you skipped a few steps in the process of this video.
    It looks delicious though!
    I hope your fried rice video is not rushed also.
    Thank you. 👍

  5. A good recipe. Thanks for sharing. Get yourself a 14" carbon steel wok and season it properly. You will never go back to a skillet for Asian food. Take care.

  6. It looks good but I have to disagree with her method of cooking the meat. She should have used slightly higher heat and less meat in the pan. It's best to do it in batches. You get a much better sear that way and it adds another dimension of flavor. With that much meat in the pan it's almost like boiling the meat.

  7. If you're going to eat Chinese food you might as well learn this lady's recipes because if you go into most Chinese restaurants in America they are cesspools of bacteria and uncleanliness just check out the health department reports in your city I used to clean grease traps and exhaust hoods and some of these places and they are absolutely disgusting I've seen employees walk out of the bathroom after being in the bathroom for 5 to 10 minutes and not wash their hands and crack open an egg for your egg foo young folks so make the right decisions

  8. Ok, so I tried this and I loved everything except…the meat. My fault totally though. I couldn't find the right meat and got top round. The meat was way too hearty. The sauce was truly amazing. I might even do a vegetarian all broccoli, onion bamboo shoot and bok choy. I have Asain markets in my area so maybe I should try there. I have no HEB in Wisconsin lol. (Grew up in Tx so i know about HEB's) Regular grocery or ethnic store?

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