BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 765


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  1. hi laura. I love to try this recipe . I want to make it for a small party so I'm looking to purchase a 8-10lb pork shoulder. my question is how long do I have to cook it for and would it be ok to increase the seasonings about 1/8 tsp?

  2. Altough this is a way of cooking pulled pork, i think would have been better if dry spices were mixed with some acid (orange juice, lime, vinegar, or a combination of theese) then rubbed the pork with them. And an important step when oven cooking in foil is to sear (brown) the meat first. anyway nice recipe.

  3. Thaaaaaaaak you so much!!! The family just loved it!!!!I Just use all of your recipes from Christmas to Easter, did your turkey recipe and my family is counting on me to do the same next year. Well thank you (i guess) now im in deep!!! 😉 Loved the way you said that you suck at decorating and carving, same here…Ahahahahaha Love from Portugal…

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