BBQ “Pulled Pork” Jackfruit | Healthy, Plant-Based Recipe


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  1. Hi Sophie, love all ur videos. Just wanted to let u know that Jack Fruit can be used at 3 stages. Here in Sri Lanka we cook it at every stage.

    1st Stage is the young tender fruit, we have to cook it and cannot be eaten straight from the fruit. It is called "pollos". These r the canned ones.

    2nd Stage is between tender and sweet. Have to be cooked or sautéed with coconut milk or grated coconuts. Still cannot be eaten directly from fruit and is called "cos". This is also known to help with the breast milk supply.

    3rd Stage is when u can remove them individually from the fruit and be eaten. So delicious and healthy. At this stage the fruit has fully ripened and is called "waraka".

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