BBQ Pulled Pork | Green Mountain Pellet Grills


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  1. When you wrap it in tin foil and cook it to 195 about how long do you think it is cooking in the wrap ? My butt is just a little smaller than the one you are using

  2. I love your videos. I have a quick question though. It might be a dumb one and tell me if it is. I got a Green Mountain Grill for X-mas (Non-wifi). It seems to me that once you wrap the pork butt in the foil, the smoking part is done, right? The rest is just heat? If that's true, can we cook the rest of it in the Oven until it gets to the correct temp? I ask because I did my 1st pork butt today and it took almost a full 20 lb bag of pellets. If the smoking only gets done before it's wrapped in foil, I could probably save on pellets. Am I right or is it a dumb question? Thanks.

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