BBQ Pork Roast recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


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  1. Hatalmas disznó lehetett!! A látvány gyönyörű !!! A Séf érti a dolgát !! M:15 ! fontos lenne személyesen beszélni !!!! Nem tudom, hogyan kell feliratot készíteni! Internet analfabéta vagyok !!!

  2. your videos are the only ones that can make me laugh out loud literally while drooling, the part when you did the pit master privilege and apologize, haha! add the first one when you chase a grass rat with a machete.. IT'S GUD!!!

  3. Damn it looks good. Hey, it would be great if you could name temperatures in Celsius for European friends. At least when you're doing these low and slow ones. I'm definitely trying this one out when the spring hits.

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