BBQ Pit Boys Steak and Bean Chili


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  1. Chili needs meat and beans… my recipie is very simple, I figure back in the old days people didnt have 20 ingredients to work with… ground beef with onion garlic and salt, then dark red kidney beans (tho red beans are traditional), then add water, tomato paste, and a ton of chili powder… and I cook it down really thick, u can eat my chili on a plate with a fork lol… when I dress it up, I add sharp cheddar first so it melts, cover the top with fritos, and a squirt of katchup… might even be good with mustard or bbq instead, it basically looks like a burger when I'm done

  2. What state are you guys based in?! I'm thinking about buying a new grill so I can watch and learn but up here in Pennsylvania it's crazy lol but i watched a few videos before of you guys grilling in the snow I was like man I need a grill lol

  3. Hven5 seen you guys in a your up to a million subscribers ,hell of a job.. you guys are awesome .you guys were the first bbq videos I saw and I was hooked been over 8 years now . I hve about 3 different smokers now.. just wanted to say thank you..

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