BBQ Chicken Recipe – Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken Recipe


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    I just did two leg quarters, intending to behave, eat one, and save the other for lunch tomorrow. Not a chance! I ate both, and wished I'd cooked the other two instead of sticking them in the freezer.

    The sauce, so outrageously simple, makes it, cooking into the cackler and crisping with the skin.I see it happening on a lot more chicken, and on plenty of other things, too. This is a real winner, Larry!

  2. Hi Larry, I did a spatchcock chicken on the grill dome last Saturday, it was so good I even ate the dark meat!. I'll try this recipe soon, thanks for the great videos.

  3. Beautifully crispy chicken, Larry, love it! Just like your roadside chicken recipe, that char looks is so enticing and tasty. Great video, and a big hello to your assistant  Catherine who does a great job on the camera!

  4. Thanks, Larry!    I'm really good at grilling chicken now, thanks to you   <lol>

    Your recipe looks super tasty!  Another great job, and thank you for putting up with all my PM's and questions!  

    (big difference between a Weber and a  $20 "Wally World"  grill, eh?   😉   <lol> )

    I can't wait to graduate to doing roasts, etc.  during the hot summer coming up!

    All best and thumbs up as always, your buddy,  Jersey Joe

  5. I love leg quarters. You can get them really cheap and feed your whole family with them. I usually crock mine with cream of mushroom and other spices, served over rice.
    But Grillin' these are awesome too! Good recipe!

  6. Two ingredients for the honey mustard sauce, mixed one to one. Couldn't get much simpler than that. 😉  

    I'm with you on the leg quarters. In many countries, the dark meat is more expensive than the breast meat, because the texture and taste are better. Here in America we seem to have fastened onto the notion that the breast meat is better, for no very good reason I can think of. But at least it makes all that wonderful dark meat more affordable.

  7. That chicken looks absolutely glorious, Larry! I'm getting hyped up on alternatives to run of the mill BBQ sauces, and I see this one as a must do. It means I'll have to go to de sto and get some chicken that has bones and skin, because all of my freezer stock is nekkid.

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