BBQ Brisket recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


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  1. Hey guys, we went out for bbq and it had went up to $10.99 per person no drink. I said thats it I am going to learn how to make it myself. I was clueless so I have watched your video's and I'm trying it. I followed your recipe and oh my, the tenderest, mouth watering, best tasting brisket I have hadthe joy of putting in my mouth. My husband said it was the best, tenderest brisket and he is a retired chef. So thanks for making my first the best experience in brisket making. so ******** 10 stars to you all.

  2. I tried this, it tasted good, just a bit chewy. I have been practicing this but its kinda tricky. I have a standard grill, no smoker or anything just the ones you can get at your local walmart for like 40 bucks or so lol. so I didn't have alot space to work with as far for coals, wood, and water pan. I did some research and I'm confused as to how much coal and wood I should use and how often to keep adding wood and coals if I correct. some say it's not good to use too much wood because that will ruin the flavor, but I mean I have to keep adding wood. Anyway, during the process of me cooking, the pit kept building up with ashes…I had to empty the entire pit, and start over again, yes a total nightmare, and I started in the evening and it was getting too late, so I shut everything down, and continued the process in the oven which is what I'm trying to avoid. Any suggestions? I marinated my meat the night before, and used a bbq rub. also had the same issue with baby back ribs as well.

  3. This rub is great. I used olive oil instead of mustard and had great "bark". Its not hot but a good amount of spicy. If I lived near these guys you would see me sneaking in the video for a plate! Well done BBQ pit boys!!

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