Bavarian Cream Recipe (Christmas Wreath Shaped Gelatin Dessert) | Cooking with Dog


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  1. I got a bottle of Kirshwasser from Germany without knowing what to do with it, now I know!!! (no i am not going to make the cake, I am only going to make the fruit salad 🙂

  2. Another delicious dish I can't make because there are no pasteurized eggs where I live. And I don't trust grocery store shelf "quality". I'm certain those factory farmed eggs will be contaminated.

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  4. My Mom's birthday is after tomorrow and I will make this cake for her instead of Christmas 🙂 But I also want to write on it "Happy birthday" and I wanted to ask you if it will taste nice if I write it with chocolate frosting. What else can I write it with?

  5. I'm very allergic to kiwi fruit, so I'll have to switch them to another fruit. But this recipe looks lovely! I love things that are milk flavored and the matcha version sounds incredible. Thank you for this lovely recipe. 

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