Basic Beurre Blanc recipe from the World’s Premier Culinary College


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  1. Stupid me. I entered a recipe for a contest that has a buerre blanc in it. If I make finals then I have to make the dish. Have it REFRIGERATED and bring it across town. Then let it sit for 2 hours while they judge. Idk what to do. The dish MUST be refrigerated or I'll be disqualified. But that will ruin the buerre blanc.

  2. I love the idea of cream as a stabilizing agent. Im a self taught home cook, and I find beurre blanc one of the harder sauces in my repertoire. Sometimes it just separates and is a disaster, and as I usually make my sauces when I need them, ie when everything else is almost done.

    If I can make my chances of success a little higher, a little cream sounds good to me! And there was me thinking a beurre blanc was already one of the unhealthiest things I could cook already… Now where's that cod..

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