Barbecue Chicken – Easy Barbecue Chicken Recipe


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  1. I just made this with chicken breasts, I was sceptical about the simple marinade but it turned out amazing ! It complements the spices and barbecue sauce perfectly. 🙂

  2. It is easy to tell if chicken is done without a thermometer. if you can twist the leg bone separately from the meat  the bird is done. The breast meat should also be pulling away from the bone.

  3. How do you make Barbecue sauce? I live in Quito Ecuador now and can not find it 🙁 please tell me how I can make it……. I am from Texas so I am looking for good Barbecue 🙂

  4. I really wish you would keep the same Name that you use here on YouTube
    (Barbecue Chicken – Easy Barbecue Chicken Recipe).

    With the same name on foodwishes.blogspot. com
    Over there this Recipe is called,
    (A Kinder and Gentler Barbecue Chicken Recipe).

    Or at lest tell use the secret name here on YouTube..
    Even better a Direct link to the Recipe, I looked through 10 pagers 3 times looking for
    (Barbecue Chicken – Easy Barbecue Chicken Recipe)
    Changing it each time,
    ((Barbecue Chicken))
    (((Easy Barbecue Chicken Recipe))) On the 4th time I found it under a different Name..

    Only to find out you have it named this..
    (A Kinder and Gentler Barbecue Chicken Recipe)

    A direct link to the Recipes would be awesome & you still get the clicks..

    I like your Videos..
    I just don't like wasting time looking for a Recipe named one thing here (YouTube) and a different Name on Food Wishes..

  5. very good results, very simple. although a late-afternoon t-storm canceled outdoor BBQ plans just as I was about to light my grille, I did this with my oven broiler. so, had a couple of flips due to intense direct heat; used skin-on/bone-in breasts and thighs.


  6. Good technique, I was adding BBQ then flipping it, every 10 minutes or so, but your method seems better. I also like to add Garlic powder and Pappy's or Lawyr's Seasoned Salt, but the same herbs and spices may be in your dry rub.

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