Banoffee Pie Recipe


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  1. hello the recipe was very tasty but I had a problem, after I assembled and kept the dish in the refrigerator i took it out after 2 hours and the toffee was very runny and my pie collapsed.. what could have caused this?

  2. I was burned the day before yesterday while boiling the condensed milk to make dulce de leche. I was doing it in a pressure cooker, as I read in a comment over here. I opened the cooker a bit early and it kind of burst and the hot water landed on my stomach and left hand πŸ™ Hope the mark goes away. Be careful everyone with a pressure cooker. you never know what's coming. plus I have been handling the pressure cooker since a very long time.

  3. Hey…. Ur amazing…. I agree as all do… How come you don't have a million subs!! .. 😨…… Your talent is just unbelievable….. One request could you please tell us… What video editor you use??? ….. Well thank you .. Love from India!!

  4. Hi HCA! I'm from Argentina and we eat a lot of Dulce de Leche here. The way you do it on the video is known here as a hack. You should try sometime the traditional way. I bet you'll love it. Your channel have awesome videos. Please, keep on doing this amazing job. Greetings from Argentina!

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