Bank Kitchen Recipe: French Apple Crescents


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  1. @hollyannewesley Blend together whipping cream, sugar, egg, and vanilla to make the sauce; the exact measurements for each ingredient are listed in the description of the video. Note: Terri doubled the quantities for this video version.

  2. @justinmccann Sorry the video keeps freezing. It played each time we tried to view it. To answer your question: the whipping cream we used is store bought; also, the entire recipe can be found in the video's description. Thank you for watching!

  3. It looks delicious, but the video freezes up at 1:11 and I am unable to see the rest. I have two questions — First, do you need to grease the pan? Second, what is the whipping cream? Is it something like Cool Whip or a heavy cream whipped up in the blender? The second question is because I can't view the second half of the video to see the preparation of the topping. As I noted, it certainly looks scrumcious.

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