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  1. Hi Friend, thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I hope to make my own version in the new year, Please check out my newly created channel of Bangla recipes. Your feedback would be most welcome.

  2. your ingredients are fine, but your mixing needs work– mixing is especially important in soup. since you added the yolk mixture directly into the hot broth, you ended up with a scrambled eggs/corn soup texture, as opposed to a thick creamy soup.

    Next time, take a ladel/ spoonful of the hot liquid and slowly pour it onto the egg  yolks and stir vigorously- meaning, a lot! (your stirring did not combine the eggs into a smooth mixture, and the lumpiness is what was contained in your soup.) Then, take the egg mixture and pour it into the boiling pot with one hand, while continually stirring with the other hand to maintain a thick creamy consistency.  

  3. vhai, don't mind, lemon grass dilei thai soup hoy na… lol, eta thai flavored chicken corn soup e holo… i think instead of using plain water, you need to boil couple of tomatos and garlic with a little lemon juice and sugar and then blend it and make a smooth red juice which you need to add on lightly fried or roasted prawn or chicken and stirred with little chili paste, soy sauce, tasting salt, sliced lemons grass and very important freshly grind ginger and green chilly juice(little bit)  … you must not use egg on thai soup! for thicken the soup you may use some corn starch… 🙂 please try that and let me know 🙂

  4. saida taharima apni thai pata use korte paren…i think bd thai pata k e lemon grass bole… ami soup e dai r same smell and same teast e ashe

  5. I am sorry to say that without lemon grass it won't have its original flavor. Do you live in Bangladeshi or abroad so I can tell you where you might get it.

  6. Bhaia, can i send my hubby to you to learn to cook atleast 1 item ? N with such care ? Lolz !!! You are awesome. Kalkei jabo ingredients kinte. Kotto din proper thai soup khai na 🙁

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