Banana Tart Recipe – Simple Banana Pie (using Fresh Bananas)


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  1. Bonjour Stephane,

    I love this video and all your other videos. I have a dinner party coming up, and my guests would like me to make a lemon tart. Could you please make a video on lemon tart please?

  2. Thanks for another great recipe! I just made this, and it smells wonderful…looks great too. After it cools I'm topping with a thin layer of whipped cream and serving for dessert tonight 🙂

  3. I know this has nothing to do with you banana tart pie. Can you put Madeira wine in a pecan pie as an ingredient or would that be a bad idea. Just trying to figure out what desserts it will go best in.

  4. I remember I had a delicious strawberry and banana tart in a cafe outside the Arc de Triomphe last time I was in Paris. I can't remember what the cafe was called, but the pastry chef was able to puree some of the fruit and incorporate it into the custard. Of course he also had sliced strawberries and bananas on top, but to date it's still one of the best desserts I've ever had.

  5. I have a banana tree so I am always looking for banana recipes. Thanks!
    Tree ripened bananas are softer and much sweeter. And taste amazing!
    I was wondering how the tart works with two layers of bananas?

  6. Love your channel! Been watching for a while now, but you always keep your content fresh and new every time. I'm definitely going to make your mac and cheese dish this Thanksgiving.

  7. Is shortcrust pastry sheet is same same as any regular pie crust like that I can buy supermarket?
    If they are different, where can I buy them?
    It will be very handy to have it on hand.
    Thank you for your Exceptional video!

  8. I would eat that for breakfast. I love bananas. I always have them in the house. nothing beats a great pastry crust. I am making a few this weekend and freezing them for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. What about sharing a cookie recipe for the upcoming Christmas holidays. Also what would you make for a typical French Christmas meal. I really love your channel. You have a nice voice and nice personality. You seem very easy going and casual. I am learning so much from you. Thanks so much for making french cooking easy and fun. Have a wonderful weekend.

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