Baked Ziti a classic Italian style dinner recipe prepared Jack’s way.


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  1. People keep talking about the way he cooks but obviously his restaurant is still in business and the customers seem to enjoy it so what's the big deal. The restaurant passes health inspections so quit acting like he is trying to put a viral plague on ppl.

  2. I'm not really comfortable that he was trying to pick stuff out of his teeth or that his hand was in and out of that metal container for utensils etc , he also wiped up the cheese that was left on board and he even lifted board and wiped under it ! , he also used a towel for his face and went on to wipe around edges of plate etc , um just thinking that this could probably get him closed down too , it was to loose and matter of fact like his manner of cooking and all of this was on camera , what happens that we don't know about or see ? 🙄😶😑😐🤔😣

  3. i'm sorry but when he started man handling the tomatoes the way he was it just turned me off & it grossed me out big time, i couldn't even finish the video i had to 69 it, i understand that in cooking there are some dishes that call for you to just get in there with your hands but there was something about the way he destroyed those tomatoes with his bare hands that honestly i found disgusting, ewww! hang it up i'm done… ok i figured let me see this through so i went back & viewed the whole video this time, WOW! unbelievable if those customers were to see the way he does his thing back there in that kitchen chaplin's would have ZIP customers this Mr jack runs a very very UNSANITARY UNCLEAN kitchen & it's just disgusting, this man is cooking & can't stop touching his face & then he just continues to cook like oh well, so unhygienic & he keeps a filthy filthy kitchen, this man is gross from top to bottom, if i was a Health Inspector in London Chaplin's restaurant would get a gigantic [F] rating! i have nothing against this man, for all i know he could be a great guy BUT he runs a [ & i can't say it enough his habits in the kitchen are gross & disgusting & let's not forget filthy] Gordon Ramsey where are you???

  4. Horrible. the whole thing. This aint no bakes ziti. This is a mess.  Number one, no RICOTA !  Number two, how many times do you need at add cheese ?!  Number three, sharp cheddar cheese is for crackers, not pasta. You just use regular white Mozz. Number four, I hate people that crush the tomatoes with there hands like that.  That is disgusting.  You just out them in a pot and use a smasher.  number five, you ate one right out of the can like that. you must have some terrible heart burn at night buddy and it was so unsanitary that you probably lost some customers if the poor people see this video.

  5. He didn't put it in the oven because, when a cus t omer orders it hell take it out of the freezer and put it in the oven. If your looking for ricotta you could also make bescimal, sauce we high works too and mozzarella cubed in the pasta and on top. But I love the way he cooks.

  6. I'm watching this guy for 6-7 episodes and I have one repeating thought, "Chef, I love you!" This is real restaurant cooking at its best. It's fast. It's rough. It's hot. And it is an honor to watch this man work. Thank you to ALL whom are involved!

  7. Jack, this is the first recipe you have done where I feel to give advice.  I would have added ricotta cheese to that pasta prior to baking it and certainly also some parsley, basil and oregano.  Then bake it and you have a masterpiece!  Love your videos!  The ricotta is the true secret to great baked ziti!

  8. Hey Jack, next time try mixing the cheddar and mozzarella cheese together with this dish it puts it over the top! you can also add ground beef and/or pork too to kick it up even more. Just a suggestion

  9. I can't get enough of these recipes man, I'm telling you!!! I love to cook! I'm a Chef to the heart, so when I see someone who's really Cheffin', and who has the years of experience to cook at ease like this……….I will watch and learn!!!! "You never cease to amaze us Jack sir"!!!! Great meal!!!!

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