Baked Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipe || Healthy & Delicious!


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  1. I’ve wanted to make this for ages since I saw your budget friendly comfort food vid, and it’s actually so good!!! I really love the tahini flavour and my parents liked it and they never like any healthy things I make so that’s a win!!

  2. 1) Definitely like the overheads better. If the camera was more zoomed in on you instead of such a wide shot, it may be better as well.
    2) I don't want my food to taste like wang. If I want to taste wang I know where to find it.
    3) cavatappi but also shells, spirals, and cartoon characters. I miss those cartoon shaped pastas from my nonvegan days.

  3. Thanks for the tip about using tahini and sesame seeds instead of cashew! 😀 I usually make the kind with some onion in it, so I wonder how that would taste with your recipe!

  4. I like variety. I enjoy these cook w you on your level, but the overhead vids are nice sometimes too. No matter what you do though, your recipes always look so yummy. Your one pot mushroom stroganoff is a family favorite!

  5. A big reason why people say that they wanna go vegan but can’t give up the cheese is because it actually has morphine like compounds in it. So in other words, it’s basically drugs

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