Baked Turmeric Chicken Recipe| Easy Chicken Recipe


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  1. Hello! Thank you for subscribing to my channel! I just made this chicken and it came out wonderful. Thank you for sharing these healthy ways of eating. I will be trying more of your recipes. Continue to stay blessed in all you do.

  2. Made your recipe.. 45 mins at that temp = raw chicken inside. terrible, even the onions felt uncooked, and i onlhy use 4 pieces of chicken. cant even imagine with that many drumsticks.

  3. Looked really good and tried this tonight. Maybe I messed it up. Maybe I don't like turmeric. But this was not good. 0/3 of us liked it so we tossed the rest. RIP turmeric chicken.

  4. Hi! I'm from Serbia and I just recently subscribed. I LOVE your channel! Thanks to you I eat a banana oatmeal with chia seeds EVERY DAY and I love it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I've tried turmeric chicken today and it was amazing but next time I'll leave it overnight to marinade. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the healthy recipies! Much love. โค

  5. Thank you so much for doing these videos. I was feeling really down about this paleo diet that I've been on for the past year, not even wanting to eat anymore because of the lack of enjoyment of my food. If I have anything with sugar or carbs my body gets major inflammation. Its been getting me really down lately, but watching your videos makes me want to get back in the kitchen and start trying again. Thank you

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