Baked Samosa Recipes Video – Oven Baked Vegetarian Samosas Recipe


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  1. I usually like your recipes a lot but this one ain't good.
    Guys don't waste time on doing all this because even after taking out of oven, you'll have to pan fry them. Instead directly fry them normally and you'll consume same amount of oil.
    I tried 3 times but these never turn out good so stop wasting time on it.

  2. Maam i made this recipe using wheat flour instead of maida and i baked it at 200 degrees centigrade for 20 mins at first then 5 more mins then 10 more mins but it didn't come out brown and crispy even though i kept on basting with oil in between please tell me where i went wrong?

  3. Hi Nisha,  Thank you so much for you video recipe, I would like to know that if I want to make them ahead and freeze them, should  I bake them first or should I freeze them unbaked and then bake them, thank you 

  4. Hi Nisha Mam, I tried these samosas, but the crust was as like bread. What did I do wrong? Also can you please tell me the measurement of baking soda to be used instead of yeast? Thank you.

  5. Aunty awesome love you… tell me why did you use yeast in this aunty…??? Whats d need…??I have never heard yeast in samosas… also if we bake them in convection mode of microwave then is possible. ..???

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