Baked Lemon Chicken with Garlic Lemon Cream Sauce | Oven Baked Chicken Recipe


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  1. If you don't have Dill, finely sliced sage leaves also work really well with chicken and this recipe. In Australia, one of the most popular stuffing mixes for stuffing the chicken with is Sage and Onion stuffing, Awesome flavours. Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I can tell, in the US you tend to cook stuffing mixes separately to the bird, ie Turkey or Chicken whereas in Australia we like to stuff the bird with the stuffing mix so it gains all the chicken'ie juices as the roast cooks, we also like to stuff pieces lemon (skin on) into the cavity before and after the stuffing is placed in, again when the roast cooks the lemon will boil and evaporate awesome lemony taste into the chicken and stuffing from the inside out. Although we love chicken in many forms throughout the whole year, instead of turkey for Christmas we more often have a Roast Chook (Chicken), and a Roast Pork or possibly a Roast Lamb, much easier than cooking a turkey which is ginormous and quite difficult to cook without drying out. Having said that this year we did have a Turkey breast roast as part of our roast meats, the best part of the bird in my opinion and far easier to cook than a whole bird.

  2. Just a general tip for people when making the lemon sauce, try to leave it as late as possible before adding the lemon juice and never boil the liquid with the lemon juice in, this is because the lemon juice starts to rapidly lose its tart lemon flavour the more it's heated, treat it like cream. Also, make sure you cook the garlic on fairly low heat as you don't want to brown the garlic too much as it becomes bitter if burnt. Also regarding adding the cream, its better to use high fat or full fat creams as they are less likely to split when heated, the less fat in the cream the more likely it is that it will split upon heating.

  3. Fantastic recipe, you only made one mistake…..You forgot to add unpeeled cloves of garlic to your roast for that wonderfully mellow roasted garlic taste 😀 Cheers from Australia. We also love our garlic.

  4. Girl I'm sorry but the potatoes look raw along with the onions……makes me wonder if you even baked it at all. The lemon looks barely heated. The sauce needed to render down some more too runny. Like it might taste great if it we're actually cooked but it looks like you tried to make it stay pretty by not really baking it. I mean the onions didn't even get a slight brown on them.

  5. This looks so delicious. And I never thought about using the rendered chicken fat to put on the potatoes. Genius! I will be giving this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Were having a small family gathering tomorrow and we were supposed to have a ham, but it got stolen from the work fridge 😑🙄 I'm quickly looking for something equally delicious and fair in price. I think I found the recipe I'll be using!

  7. HI there. My son turned me on to this recipe. Made it tonight for the first time. The video it says to add1 cup chicken broth "at this point" which is when you are putting in potatoes in pan. Please review video. Did I hear it wrong? And then you add another cup of chicken broth in the sauce. Please clarify! It's in the oven, can't wait to try it.

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