Baked Chicken and Potatoes with Bechamel Sauce Recipe


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  1. Looks like a terrific recipe, but prefer talking as to watching (a combination works best when teaching or demonstrating a recipe) – can cook and hear at same time -a suggestion.  Bored in 30 seconds and looked for other variations that were more helpful.  Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you.  I have just returned from a trip to turkey and we were served this by Turkish family one evening. Yummy!  I plan to make it this evening.  BTW – all the comments about the Béchamel Sauce… does it really matter which country thinks it owns the right to this sauce?? Many dishes all over the world use a simple white sauce :)

  3. GREAT video!!! uh… the pepto bismol mixing spoon… er, um, well. the recipe is delicious! do you have a white mixing spoon perhaps? no offense, it really well done! thank you for the post!!

  4. Your baked chicken and baked potatoes recipe turned out quite nice and flavorful.. i made a change and added little mozarella and little cheddar cheese on top and some panko breadcrumbs finally.. recipe baked with a lovely crunch.. thanku for sharing

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