Baked Buffalo Popcorn CHICKEN Recipe (Healthy)


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  1. I'm confused as to how the calories for the entire recipe is 2479? Cuz the 48oz of chicken must be at least 2200 alone and isn't 3 cups of panko like 600 calories? I'm trying to figure out the calories for my own popcorn chicken and I'm new to calorie counting and I'm sooo confused lol ughh someone help please

  2. I made this recipe tonight , I only made half though. It came out delicious but I didn't taste the Buffalo at all…that could be because I divided the recipe in half not too sure but this tastes really good regardless Buffalo or not! You could always cook it then put the sauce on top then put it back in the oven which I might do. Anyways really good I will be making again!

  3. dude how do you only have 190k subs? You deserve at least one million I hope to see this channel keep growing as these recipes are so easy to follow and great on taste and protein amounts

  4. You know, if Protein Chef didn't have a muscular body, he would be a bobble head.      Make bobble head figurines!  I would put one in my kitchen….and sometimes take him for drives in the country.   I dunno.  I guess I could take my Protein Chef bobble head on business trips with me.   :- l                          Great, now I want a Protein Chef bobble head.

  5. Dude I just tried this recipe. Before I put it the oven I was a little skeptical but when they came out they were better than restaurant quality. It's a very easy recipe to do and it's a simple way to add more protein to my diet.

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