Baked Baby Eggplant, Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. I love this recipe Gianni! When I click on the screen for the full text recipe it takes me to your website but there is no recipe there. Do I need to subscribe to the webpage to get the printed recipe?

  2. John what a trip down memory lane. My mother used to make this back in New Haven when we were growing up. That meal and a side of bucatini and salad was one of my favorite dishes. She used to call it eggplant oreganada. It was very aromatic and tasty.

  3. … and another… "ooh, that's what we'll try next" then boooooom – another recipe pops up and we're saying the same thing again… soon much choice… amazin' recipes… thank you!

  4. Ciao, Gianni ma tu si vero nato in italia ?? ti voglio dire che mi piaciano tutti gli video mi fai venire la fame sempre quando cuccini. Forse sta sera per cena faccio le melanzani anche io le prendo del giardino .

  5. Ok, first of all, spare me the archaic steeple art piece in the background,  reminds me of those lawn decorations, one eyed brken eared lion statues, and so many guys can't even dance the funk.  How long is the cooking time? should have been stated at the beginning, so i can put whatever i like on it. ba-ding, ba-dung

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