Bake with Anna Olson – Buttercream Dessert Recipes – Season 2 – Episode 11


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  1. Hi Anna! Im so excited! I made this cake for my grand daughter's third birthday last week and it was beautiful! My family lived it and were so surprised I made such a beautiful, yummy cake! Two adjustment…I made a checkerboard cake with three different colors and my grand daughter asked for Peppa Pig so I made her face with fondant then placed it on top! Thank you so very much for your time and for teaching me to become a better, more conscious home baker. P.S. How do I share photos with you?

  2. Hi Ms.Olson, What is best buttercream for piping ruffles, roses etc.? Do we have to make the buttercream a little bit more stiff by adding icing sugar to hold the shape?or is there any other way to make it hold the shape without making it so sweet?

  3. I really love you Anna Olson. I started liking you when I was watching television and I saw your video in one of the channel. And I searched you in youtube and I subscribed you

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