Bacon Wrapped Candied Jalapeno BBQ Chicken Recipe


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  1. Can I buy the mango rub online?
    I made a similar recipe like this in the oven with bone in skin on chicken thighs. Next time I'll take the bone out but keep the skin on, the bacon infuses with skin, it's so good!

  2. finally !! i got my egg today troy ,i only need the devide and conquer rack and half a moon stone and i am ready to go ..
    happy new year and i,ll link a video when i going to use my egg ,keep on cooking T-ROY

  3. my egg is still on the way to my house (hollidays and all)..but did you ever try to make an omlet in the kamado joe T-ROY,please let me know and if not perhaps a expirement for next youtube film
    greetings from the netherlands and keep on cooking

  4. I had to jump past the talkin and get straight to the preppin and cook in .Guess I couldn't wait to see how it all turn out. Just wished I could of takin a bite.

  5. 09/27/15
    I'm so jealous if you (lol) the bacon wrapped chicken thighs you cooked go hard dog… Ruff ruff, ( : please send me a list of those dry & wet based ingredients. Talking about spicing up one toung palette. "smoking-hot" ( ;
    May have to order the spices from Ebay or links you send jalapeño sauce spread yum.

  6. Dagummit, T-Roy! I had a good life. Come home to my wife's cooking everyday. Then I found you and Joe, from Southern Coastal Cooking on YouTube. Now I'm cooking several times a week. And when I'm not cooking in wishing I WAS! LOL. Thanks for all the great recipes. I'm making this and steak tonight. Keep em coming.

  7. Look awesome, and the char and glaze Awesome dude. Went fish last week and caught alot of 15 lbs channel cats, in my favorite fishing spot. catfish nuggets, no catfish fillets no . Catfish Steaks! Made them tonight for labor day WEEKEND. Its going to be catfish all ways even in a poor boy sandwich, I cook simple he heee, all i had was bacon ends, i was wanting to wrap the catfish steaks in bacon strips, Way they drive around here, i not going into town for bacon on labor day weekend. I COOK RESPONSIVELY and stay at HOME! he heee SHRIMP excellent wrap in bacon more juicy as well. all i did took the spicy Montreal steak rub and little bit of Larry seasoning, and brush melt butter on the catfish and flame char those rascals on the pit. all i cook on is mesquite made some with lemon pepper and melt butter, some garlic and some onion I I I GUESS i'am going to have to cut my hand off the Montreal steak rub he heee Cheers Man

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