Bacon Egg recipe – Japanese cooking – ベーコンエッグ – sunny side up


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  1. I tried this and the bacon grease soaked into the egg white, making it taste a lot better. Because I have western tastes, I think white bread tastes better than rice for the side, but maybe I didn't make the rice like it is normally eaten for breakfast.

  2. I tried making this a day after I saw this recipe. It failed! I think my bacon wasn't fatty enough so it didn't produce enough oil for my egg so it kind of became a scrambled bacon egg? It looks super ugly and all, with some charred parts LOL it tasted good though

  3. I eat bacon and egg sandwiches quite often, but never thought to cook the egg on top of the bacon like that – will give this a try! Though I think I'll use dark soy sauce for reduced salt.

    Now to watch some more of your uploads. ;D

  4. Bacon already is salty. So, if you don't eat this with white rice, very little salt or soy sauce is needed. I won't add mirin, but you can experiment that too. Mirin is almost always used with soy sauce.

  5. it ended up very salty hahaha…. i dont know why it became so salty. i added small amount of salt, and small amount of soysauce like in the video. is it possible if i add mirin? or replace the soysauce with mirin?

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