Back To School 3 DIY Easy Healthy Vegan Lunch Recipes


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  1. This is amazing and i have so many questions.

    1. How much food do you buy (fruit and vege) and how long does it last?
    2. How do you keep it fresh?
    3. How much fruit/vege would you say you spend in a week?
    4. How on earth are your avocados so pretty?

    Our Gold Coast ones are looking pretty scary!

    much love. xx

  2. the reason the apple kinda flew away was because of the knife you were using, as well for the tomatoes you need to use a steak knife. That gets the job done more safely and steady.

  3. I just made the decision to go vegetarian. I'll be starting a YouTube soon. If anyone has any tips/advice/support follow me & comment anything at all! My Instagram is naturally_natasja

  4. Just a friendly tip: Avocados oxidize and get brown and nasty very quickly. They're a very finicky veggie. So I suggest take a whole one with you. And when you get to lunch, slice it at work or school.

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