Bachelor Special Recipe-Easy Chettinad Pepper Chicken.!!!||Easy Chettinad Pepper Chicken Recipe


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  1. Super brother but I would have put the black pepper and curry leaves in the beginning as it is a nice aroma that flavours the chicken very well. Coriander in the end for garnish is universally accepted. Other then that super.

  2. Thanks for the quick recipe. I made it with a slight variation and it turned out tasty and juicy.
    Variations :
    Diced onions
    Made a paste with Garlic, ginger and green chilli
    No red chilli, instead added a spoon of red chilli powder
    Whole pepper corns in place of crushed pepper

  3. May i know if we coule buy such pot online or offline which has home delivery pls. Its too good to be true, i have found the chatti finally. I really appreciate if possible to help get one chatti. Thankyou for your cooking. Its quick easy tasty and healthy.

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