Baby Octopus Tomato Sauce Recipe


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  1. I used fresh tomatoes and added a half green pepper. Also added half cup Shiraz wine. Great results, but I disliked cleaning the baby octopuses. Next time I wish to try mature octopus and perhaps add shrimps and mussels.

  2. I love octopus and squid. Never cooked it before. This recipe is amazing!!!!! My local grocery store had baby octopus cleaned and frozen. Sooo making this again. Thank you so much!😋😊

  3. When I stayed in Italy, I had moscardini. I am not sure if they are baby octopus or a different animal. They turned a rosy pink and the little legs curled up. When I got past the fact that they were little animals….they were very tasty. A little sweet and very tender. You should try them, people.

  4. He said "Octopus".. also with squids.. I think the have some cartilage thing you got to take out of their head, and then they have the beak.. and all that. They're are videos on youtube.

  5. Just some english advice, your sentence : "Don't call the firemen …Is everything ok ;)" is partially right, and partially wrong, dont call the firemen is correct, but the last part ; "Is everything ok" is actually a question, what you would want to write is "Everything is ok" which is a statement 😀 Great video nevertheless, will try this out if I get my hans on some fresh baby octos

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