Baby Lunch Recipe 6 to 12 months | Indian baby Lunch| Lunch for baby | Baby food part – 3


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  1. Hi Amma my baby is 7 months old he is not gaining hence I m seeing ur recipe… thanks for the recipe…. in lunch recipe I have one doubt u have mention abt greens which greens (keeraa) should v give for baby.

  2. Hi aunty my daughter 10 mnths old she is not having solid food past one week having cold
    Enna panala I'm in Usa
    She is not drinking any milk except mother feeding give some tips aunty

  3. Amma unga video eallaamea naa paarthu eruken .eallamea super. Amma eanaku baby poranthu 6 months aaguthu. Kulanthaiku first oottum poothu sakkarai pongal kulaiya vatchu saamikubpadaichu kudukkalaama amma. Plzzz replay pannunga amma.eanaku nallathu solrathukku yaarum ella amma.

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