Avocado Corn Salad Recipe


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  1. Oh my gosh it’s so delicious!!! I was thinking well salad is just salad, it can’t be that delicious and after one bite I was like noooo ~~~ it’s amazing

  2. I love avocado and I hate cilantro. Your food always makes me think about God's creativity with tastes, textures and colors. He is wonderful. I love English and you help me lots with listening skills. The

  3. Love this!!!! Going out right now for olive oil and corn to make this for my lunch and dinner!!!! Subbing because you love tomatoes, avocado, and cilantro, and garlic. That means your palette is in line with mine. Can't wait for lunch and your next recipe.

  4. I have tried all the avocado salad all of them were delicious thank you ♥️
    I’m sorry if my word isn’t clear I am Arabic and I am trying to write comment for you 😂

  5. I love your avocado salad recipes. Have tried almost all of it. So yumm. Please make more recipes. I am addicted to avocados and have it daily. 😊😊

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