Avgolemeno Soup Recipe – How to Make Greek Lemon Chicken Rice Soup


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  1. Thank you, Chef John. I ate this soup at a restaurant and fell in love with it. I came back to the restaurant many times after and each time I ordered this soup and their port was quite lovely, which made an excellent dessert with the right amount of contrast with the lemony taste from the soup. I will make this soup for sure with your world class recipe.

  2. Your videos are great. This is the food that people actually eat and enjoy. The FRU=FRU platters presented on the IRON CHEF SHOW aren't the best tasting dishes. Grinding a fish in a blender to make fish flavored ice cream is not my concept of good tasting food.

  3. Dear John,
    I make Avgolemono soup every week (Winter or Summer). But I do the more simplified version.
    I boil a large bird for an hour. Remove it and set aside. Prepare the Avgolemono (2 eggs + 6 lemons). I do the tempering exercise of course. Add the mixture in the "broth". Add a handful of short grain rice for luck. Add morsels of chicken. Salt, pepper and a lot of dill.
    But I'll try it your way for a change. Thanks.

  4. In 1973, I was with my parents (at age 12-ish) living outside of Tabriz, Iran, where my Dad worked as an advisor building an agricultural college. During the winter the snow was several feet deep, but my mom made this "Greek Lemon Rice Soup" on a kerosene heater/stove. Best soup ever! Memories…

  5. It is -25 windchill here in Mid-Michigan…I'm making this soup this weekend to make up for it.  I will make this soup…get into my loafin' clothes and Netflix…I will be in heaven.  : )=

  6. So I am Greek and I make mine in a similar way. Though, over the years, I have modified it to the point where some Greeks might slap me, but I LOVE it. I do most everything he does, but I cook my broth for longer AND keep the chicken. I cook the broth for about 2 hours and then add additional (breasts or thighs) and cook it for about 1.5 hours more. That is the chicken I save to shred and put back into the soup. I also use a lot of carrots that I put in later in the process (along with celery, onions, dill, parsnip and other stock veggies). I personally like rice over orzo and for me, any rice will do. I will use Uncle Bens or anything similar and cook it until they split (about a 1/2 hour). I take everything out and cut up the carrots and shred the chicken when it cools. I put together the avgolemono and do what he does here. I then add back in the shredded chicken and carrots and then the thing most Greeks probably wouldn't do. I add a good amount of dill to the soup. My version of the soup is much chunkier than the traditional style and of course the dill… Don't knock it til you try it. Soooo good.

  7. I buy the rotisserie chicken from store. Debone the meat, cut it up, and set aside. Then boil all the bones along with some mirapois veggies, strain after cooking for about 1 hr. This makes a wonderful broth. Then proceed with your Avgolemeno.

  8. Every dish I eat and like , I go to youtube find the recipe. And coincidentally, every recipe I look for on YouTube, food wishes has it. Thank you Chef John

  9. It is a wonderful soup that is a common comfort food for us in Greece! Perfect for rainy days and cold winter nights. Also it can be made with fish, such as red snapper, albeit you need to add the fish later.

  10. Thank you Chef,
    Great tasty recipe.

    On my third time I ve made this soup I ve added some raw sweet corns to it , about a cup together with the rice.
    … I know it is not the original recipe but I like trying out new ideas….
    Anyhow, it did something amazing with the soup.

  11. 'If you're not going to use fresh lemon juice for this don't even bother making the recipe' Amen to that! Great recipe Chef John! This is one of my many favourite Greek recipes. The lovely Greek I'm married to often makes this for us and it's so delicious. Bringing the Mediterranean into the kitchen. One of the best soups I've ever had 😍😍😍

  12. Made this for my family to a T. They all have the flu. My son just puked his guts out and after he was done puking he came and ate a full bowl full of this soup. Im greek and i haven't even tasted it this good before. This is the real deal. My wife will eat it once she stops being sick. It took me all day to make this but totally easy and so worth it. I can freeze the rest as well.

    Thank you so much for this. AMAZING 10/10

  13. Final color tells me that is the right one, seems like Greek but i never add onion, depend of the cookman! Very nice execute. Remember pals 4:40 is the critical point.

  14. I am afraid this is not the traditional home made avgolemono soup, which is a very specific and very pure recipe. Adding celery, onions and other ingredients is almost a sacrilege! Also, this is probably the only Greek dish which does not contain olive oil – or any other oil or fat.

    Usually, you just cook the chicken with some bay leaves, and in the broth that ensues you cook the rice (it should be sticky rice), and at the end you add the beaten eggs and lemon, that is all. How many eggs and how many lemons you use is a matter of taste; my suggestion is to use as little lemon as possible (not more than one) and as many eggs as possible (at least five, for a pot like this). It will make the soup creamy and tasty and less sour, while you will still feel the lemony flavour. – Anything else you add is bound to take away the characteristic distinct taste of this classic soup.

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