Avalon Bay Sous Vide Top Round Steak – immersion circulator – beef recipes


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  1. Stay under 130 for true medium rare leaning rare… 128-129. The reason that's important is that as the roast sits and goes cold over night and is reheated, etc. It can go over done on you pretty quickly. And that's personal, for those of us that want that left over roast, cold or hot, to be nice and red (not raw) in the middle. Go a few hours for a roast (that's for a five-seven or more pound roast, this roast here is fairly small). Two hours for a thick (2lb) porterhouse or rib roast. You're good to go. 🙂 But less time if you use a hotter temp. Just like an oven, you give and take with time and temp.
    By the way… You don't need to rest the meat after cooking sous vide. Resting meat is important when it's cooked in high heat and it strains the fibers of the meat, squeezing the juices into the voids. That's why the juice runs out. Resting relaxes the fibers, the juice reabsorbs, all is well in the universe. And ya, you can rest it a little bit after a searing but no need when just sous vide cooking. :)'
    Thanks for the vids, man. Good job and keep it up.

  2. Hi I need help as I'm trying your recipe later! 140 degrees farenheit for only 1 hour? Alot of my friends tried it and they say it needs at least 20 hours. So just to confirm, 140 degrees Fahrenheit at only 1 hour?

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