Autumn Soup Recipe – Quick Easy Homemade Soup


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  1. Looks Great Brother TroY! I just recently whipped up a Huge pot of the good ole veggie beef soup, really nice during the cold weather too! I should do a video of mine next round! And BTW, 1 tater chunk jumped out near the end of the video…Haaa)! Cheers buddy………….Shane)

  2. Dang if that doesn't look fabulous! This time of year a good soup is always in order. You got that idea going down superbly; and yeah, keep them carrots slightly crunchy! Oh yeah…..slide me a bowl please?

  3. Looks delicious Troy. My wife has mentioned me making some soup for the past couple weeks now. I always look forward to different soups and chili recipes to try in these cool NC winters.

  4. Dang T Rex, I just made tater soup Oh well, it was good but enough thing like that he heee We kinda think on the same bases. I was going to make oyster stew, But i had a ideal of putting oysters on a few pizza's this weekend he heee Looks good buddy i can smell the soup from here

  5. That is some mighty fine soup there Troy! Great for this colder weather we are having. Delicious, comfort food… I'll take a bowl please 🙂 Thanks for sharing Karen's recipe! Wishing you both a blessed weekend…

  6. Hey, T-Roy 🙂 That soup sure looks really good and tasty! :-0 Just perfect for a chilly day (or ANY day for that matter <lol>) !
    Thanks very much and thumbs up as always, Norfolk Joe

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